Letters to our children ~ May 2014

Dear D & Y, This weekend we went to the park. D, you loved it and didn't want to leave. You played with your cousins, who were visiting from Canada, ate burgers, played with your water gun and threw sand in your brothers eyes. :)

Y, you loved playing with your bucket on the beach. I was actually surprised that you didn't put any sand in your mouth, good job!

Last week we 'celebrated' mother's day. Mama was away on a photo shoot while you guys were hanging out with Baba at the Zoo. D, you LOVED it. You couldn't stop telling me all about the train ride and all the animals you saw. Y, you were just happy being around your sister.

D, Ever since mother's day you've been congratulating me every single day. And even though mother's day isn't every day, around you and your brother I feel like it is!

We've also signed you up for swimming lessons this summer. You are so excited and can't wait to start learning how to swim, even though you think you already know how to - swimming in the tub doesn't count.

Y, you fell and bumped your head - again! I wish I could just bubblewrap you <3 Sometimes, being a wobbly walker isn't so great :(

You're so curious about everything and I love seeing you grow and learn new things everyday!

I love the bond you both share. D, I love how you always look after your little brother and Y I love how much you admire and love your big sister. I can't wait to see your bond grow and get stronger!

Love, Mama


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