Letters to my son | September


I'm starting my own personal project - Letters to my kids. I will be posting these every once in a while, sometimes to my son and other times to my daughter.

Dear Y,

It's almost been 7 months since we welcomed you to this world and you became mine. I loved you from the moment I knew I was having you, before I even felt you, before I even knew you.

When I held you in my arms I knew we were meant to be! You were so squishy and cuddly and I couldn't put you down. Your sister loved you too, she loves you. She protects you from everyone and makes sure you're OK, as long as you don't touch her toys you're her favorite person.


A few weeks ago you started sitting! We've been practicing for a while and you've finally mastered it. You also got your first two teeth, it only makes you cuter.

Nights are getting harder though, it might be because of your teething, we're hoping it gets better soon. But even though you keep me up at nights - I love you more and more every day. You coo and smile and giggle. And my heart sings. I'm so blessed to have you, my handsome little squishy boy! I wish I could slow down time. You're already getting too big for your swing! 7 months went by too fast.

You're my special little man and always will be.

Love, Mama.