Letters to my children | June 2014

Dear D, This month we attended a bunch of parties. You loved meeting new people and making new friends. You especially loved the goodie bags and now expect there to be goodie bags at every party you attend! I've tried to explain that not every party will have goodie bags for you to take home, but you're not interested in learning that. :)

You've also developed a distinct style in fashion. You insist on dressing yourself because my choice is no longer cutting it for you. I love your determination, like that day when you insisted on wearing a turtle neck sweater in the 90 degrees summer heat. You can be really convincing for an almost 4 year old!

This past weekend was father's day. I did a very sweet interview about daddy with you, which I'm sure you'll cherish when you grow up. Daddy LOVED it too!

I can't wait what next month will bring us as we come closer to welcoming your new sibling to our family. I'm sure you're very excited to meet your new sibling as well.



Dear Y,

You are now 16 months old. You've mastered walking like a pro and are now working on becoming a better runner. U-turns are still quite tricky for you, but you're getting better and better each and every day :)

Like your sister, I'm seeing some very early signs of independence. You like to eat your own food (and make a huge mess!). You also like feeding me your sloppy left overs. You're so sweet! But mommy doesn't find it that appetizing ... just letting you know! :)

We're having some hard and sleepless nights these days. Teething can be hard. For you AND me. But I know that this will pass too. You're just growing up so fast, my sweet boy <3




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