How to change background color | Newborn Photography

color replacement tool


A common issue with newborn photographers is that we sometimes don't have flokatis and posing fabrics in every color out there. When newer photographers are in the portfolio building stage, they sometimes can't afford all these props and fabrics.

You want a wide variety of pictures in your portfolio. That includes all different colored posing fabrics and flokatis. Or maybe you took a beautiful image but aren't 100% happy with the color and think it would look amazing in blue instead? Here's an easy tip on how to do it in the best thing since sliced bread: Photoshop! 

This is the original picture I'm starting out with


san antonio newborn photographers


1. Start by duplicating your layer! I forgot to do this at first and had to start all over again!

2. In you brush tools section you'll find the Color replacement tool aka best tool in history!

3. Next you select the color you want to replace the original with. I chose a light green.

san antonio maternity photographer

4. Paint away! Zoom in when you're painting around the baby itself or any areas you don't want to replace. 


San antonio newborn photographer

And here is the finished product! 

san antonio newborn photography